7 Tips to Re-Engage Your Holiday-Only Church Goers

It’s wonderful to see our churches full and filled with joy and music during the holidays. And every year we miss the opportunity to keep those holiday-only church members coming back.  We may not be able to get them to come all the time, but we can certainly help them stay connected and let them […]

How to Create a Facebook Live Broadcast

Every Wednesday I run a live broadcast over on our Jen Fong Media Facebook Page called Ask Jen Anything Wednesday. Anyone can participate, and I answer your social media questions. I love it when people post questions ahead of time, because then I can prepare really good answers. This post is one of those answers! […]

What We Learned Broadcasting Church on Facebook Live

This past weekend, we live streamed our church’s Sunday morning service using Facebook Live. We didn’t announce it ahead of time, because we wanted to be sure the technology worked before putting it out there. Despite the lack of notice, we had 5 people that tuned in at points during the broadcast (they were notified […]

5 Ways to Use Facebook Live Now

Facebook Live is one of my new favorite online tools. It gets great visibility within Facebook, and it can be a fun and interactive way to connect with people. I’ve recently been using it for a weekly live broadcast called “Ask Jen Anything Wednesday,” (You’re invited! Click to RSVP) where anyone can ask me their questions […]

6 Ways to Increase Your Facebook Page Reach

Are you frustrated with your Facebook Page reach (or lack thereof?) Have you been wondering what you can do to increase your post reach? Recently, I conducted some tests of different post types on both pages (business/nonprofit presences) and profiles (personal accounts) on Facebook, to see if I could identify some best practices. Here is what I discovered. […]