How to Create a Facebook Live Broadcast

Every Wednesday I run a live broadcast over on our Jen Fong Media Facebook Page called Ask Jen Anything Wednesday. Anyone can participate, and I answer your social media questions. I love it when people post questions ahead of time, because then I can prepare really good answers. This post is one of those answers!

Charlotte Plott asked how to create a Facebook Live broadcast. Charlotte, here’s your answer with screen shots! It’s really quite simple to do, and there are many different types of organizations that can use Facebook Live. I use it for Ask Jen Anything Wednesday. My church recently used it to test livestreaming the service.

Note that I am illustrating this from a Facebook Page, but you can also do it from a Facebook personal Profile. You must use a mobile device, however. I created this example using my phone and a sample Facebook Page I maintain for creating examples like this one. I also used the Facebook Pages app, which you can download from your device’s app store.

Step 1: Open Your Page from the Pages App

Navigate to your Facebook Page on your mobile device (using the Pages App) and click “Post.”

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Step 2: Choose “Go Live”

The post screen opens, and near the bottom you have several options, including one that says “Go Live.” This is the one that you want to click.

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Step 3: Describe Your Broadcast

The following screen appears once you click “Go Live.” Here you’ll type a brief description of your broadcast. This will appear as the status update alongside your video when it displays on Facebook. (Note: You can always edit it later when Facebook auto-saves and displays your recorded broadcast.) Note also the little circle icon in the upper-right corner of the screen. This allows you to switch between filming yourself and filming something in front of you.

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Step 4: Go Live

Once you’ve described your broadcast, click the blue “Go Live” button.

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Step 5: Countdown to Broadcast

Facebook will countdown 3, 2, 1 and then you’re live!

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Step 6: Do Your Broadcast

After the countdown, you’ll see a red “Live” at the top of your screen.

How to Create a Facebook Live Broadcast from

When people participate in your broadcast, Facebook will pop up the number of viewers next to the red Live box. You’ll also see comments from viewers near the bottom of the screen (big love to Megan Estes for commenting for my screen shot example!), which you can scroll through and respond to. If people use any of the like buttons, you’ll see those float across the bottom of your video too when your audience uses them.

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You can also apply filters to your broadcast if you want to by clicking the icon in the upper-left of your video. Click the X that appears in the upper-left corner to close the filter tool.

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Step 7: End Your Broadcast

When you’re finished with your broadcast, simply click the Finish button at the bottom of the screen.

How to Create a Facebook Live Broadcast from

Step 8: Click Done

Facebook automatically saves your video and publishes it to your page. You can find it in the Videos section of your page. Sometimes I’ll share the video into the Facebook Event I set up to publicize the broadcast using the Share button at the bottom of the video.

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How to Use Facebook Live Video

And here’s what the video looks like when viewing it on a laptop:

How to Create a Facebook Live Broadcast from

And that’s it! As you can see, it’s very simple to broadcast using Facebook Live.

By the way, keep an eye on the comments of your video after the broadcast, because often you may find that people continue to comment on it. Because it’s archived and available, people can still see it even if they weren’t able to make it live.

Do you use Facebook Live? What’s your favorite way to use it? Would love to read about your experiences in the comments below!

Jennifer Fong

Jennifer Fong is the Founder and CEO of Jen Fong Media, a full service digital marketing firm that helps direct selling companies, businesses, service providers and non-profits reach the people online who can help their organizations grow. We believe in marketing with integrity, building the relationships that matter and approaching marketing from a standpoint of service. For information on how Jen Fong Media can help your organization, please visit us online at


  1. Thank you so much Jennifer. Doing the instructions in your blog was so much better than telling me as I wouldn’t have retained it!!! The screencasts were such a great addition. I am going to share your idea of using FB Live with a lady Pastor who is a dear friend. I am sure she will use it. It is a great idea.
    Thank you so much. I must also tell you I am really happy you are back doing this work again. You have been missed!

  2. Thank you so much for this detailed step by step tutorial of how to use Facebook Live! I still haven’t used it because I have always hated taking photos let alone now doing something live! Guess I have to get over myself 🙂

    • You can do it Kathy! Simply approach it from a standpoint of service. It’s not about you…it’s about serving them! Good luck.

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