How to Improve Your Facebook Page Post Visibility

If you’ve scrolled through your Facebook News Feed lately, you may have noticed that Facebook really isn’t showing posts from Pages that you like because of a Facebook algorithm change. Then today, I came across this in my News Feed:

How to Improve Your Facebook Page Post Visibility from

Essentially, what Facebook is doing is putting Page posts in a slider, similar to what Facebook does with certain ad types, friends you may know, etc. When I scroll through the post above, I see a collection of unconnected pages, and the latest post of each. I wonder if this is Facebook’s new solution for showing Pages you like without taking up a lot of real estate it could otherwise sell? It’s very likely.

Writing Better Posts for the New Format

So what does this mean for you, the business owner, church or nonprofit?

Well first, your post now has some competition, so it had better be good. Your social media content needs to be so compelling that it makes people want to take action instead of clicking on by. Here’s an example of good content that I saw in this slider on Facebook:

How to Improve Your Facebook Page Post Visibility from

The type/graphic image is strong, and it’s the kind of motivational thing people like to share. (Good job, DSA Canada!) Other good content would be contests, invitation to a special event, articles that provide real value, videos, etc. In a scroller like this, the visual is everything and has to catch your attention, so a real focus on visuals is essential.

And be sure to keep your text away from the bottom of the visual. It may get cut off in this view, as shown below.

How to Improve Your Facebook Page Post Visibility from

Second, the text that goes with the post gets cut off, and includes a “see more” link after just a line or two. This can really truncate your message and prevent you from getting it across. So it’s essential to ensure that the text that goes along with your post is as brief as possible.

How to Improve Your Facebook Page Post Visibility from

Finally, posts that are shared by family and friends are more likely to be seen than posts put up by a Page. So whenever possible, encourage people to check your Page for new posts, and share them through their personal profiles. This is often your best bet for getting any visibility for your posts organically.

It’s too soon to tell if this is Facebook’s final solution for displaying Page posts organically, but it could be. So if you manage a Facebook Page, start thinking through your posts now. Create better visuals. Shorten up the text. And think about what people really want to click on and share. These are the ways you can maximize your Facebook Page presence, and get the best organic reach possible.

Are you seeing Page posts displayed like this on Facebook? Which posts do you think are most effective? Would love to read about your experiences in the comments below!

Jennifer Fong

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