Using Pokémon Go to Reach Your Community

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you have heard about Pokémon Go. It’s a game that lets players hunt virtual Pokémon (via their mobile devices) in the real world.  At last report, there were 21 million users in the US alone (!!!) It’s really encouraging people to get out of their houses and get some exercise, and […]

Church Growth: Moving Beyond the Walls

Today’s church seeks growth. We want more people to come through the doors so that we can help meet their needs and share the love of Jesus Christ. So we set up a website, maybe post to our Facebook Page about church events, let everyone know what’s going on through the church bulletin and (snail)mailed […]

How to Improve Your Facebook Page Post Visibility

If you’ve scrolled through your Facebook News Feed lately, you may have noticed that Facebook really isn’t showing posts from Pages that you like because of a Facebook algorithm change. Then today, I came across this in my News Feed: Essentially, what Facebook is doing is putting Page posts in a slider, similar to what Facebook does […]

Facebook News Feed Changes Are Coming! Here’s What to Do Now

Facebook recently announced that it is (once again) making changes to its algorithm, decreasing page reach and prioritizing posts from family and friends. From a business perspective for Facebook, this change makes sense. The business posts that people see in their News Feeds will come from the organizations that have paid for that privilege. However […]

3 Things to Do Now to Improve Your Social Media Marketing

When we work with businesses and nonprofits, our clients always want to know what they can do quickly and easily to improve their results on social media. “We want to know how to reach more customers,” they say. “How do I get more traffic to my website?” they ask. “I want more people to share […]