How to Communicate Better

Communication is key to the success in your organization. When my daughter was young, we signed her up for dance lessons. Being a working parent, I often had my husband drop her off and pick her up. But then we discovered we were missing out on important information: dates, deadlines, and such. I hadn’t seen […]

How to Plan Your Social Media Content

It’s been said that “when we fail to plan, we plan to fail.” And that’s good advice. Planning ahead ensures that you’ve thought through a lot of the potential opportunities and challenges, and are prepared to manage them. So it’s no surprise that organizations that plan their social media content ahead of time typically experience […]

Reaching Donors Through Social Media

Although charitable giving overall in the United States is up, religious institutions are finding it much harder to raise their operating budgets each year, much less have enough left over to do actual ministry. Why is this? While there are many reasons, one significant reason is that churches face a culture shift. In the past, church giving […]

Is Mobile Holding Your Business Back?

When we manage lead generation programs for our clients, one of the things we do is create landing pages for both computers and mobile devices. A landing page is a special web page that is designed in a very specific way to get people to leave you their contact information. We typically tie our lead […]

What Could This Sign Say to Get You Here Sunday?

Why the “Tried and True” Isn’t Working Anymore

Today I was meeting with a client who heads a large nonprofit association. Her group has been trying to help its members communicate better. Unfortunately, the groups she is working with have a lot of people who are not digital natives. The leaders of these groups are very busy, and often don’t feel that they […]