Churches and Nonprofits

Jennifer Fong Providing Social Media Training to Presbytery RepresentivesWe hear it time and time again from churches and nonprofits: "We send out our communications but no one seems to have the information." "We put it in the bulletin but no one came." "Our contributions keep getting smaller every year." "Our membership is shrinking." 

Sound familiar? 

Like it or not, your communication strategy needs to change in order for your church or nonprofit to grow. At Jen Fong Media, we help churches and nonprofits reach people in "the new town square" of online social networks. Whether your leadership and staff are experienced online networkers or not, your organization needs to be online in order to survive and thrive. 

But change is hard. You need more than a Facebook account. You also need to change the culture within your organization, helping even those who don't see the value of social networks learn to embrace this shift, so your organization can grow, increase donations, and do the work you've set out to do.

At Jen Fong Media, we can help your organization make that shift. Not only do we have the experience to put the "nuts and bolts" of a successful online strategy together for your organization, but we can also work with your staff and volunteers to create the buy-in necessary for success. We'll get your online communications started, create messaging that resonates with the people you want to reach, and train your staff and volunteers to keep it going. We can show you how to provide relevant messaging that meets your goals, increases donations, and helps you find new members.

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